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Ethnic Favorites

Homemade Stuffed Cabbage Tray

Pittsburgh, a melting pot of nationalities, drew a large percentage of its population from Central European, Eastern European, and Balkan countries, and those influences can be seen in local cuisines that are still popular today. One traditional dish that has remained popular over the last century and is still a staple at many Pittsburgh area dinner tables is the famous stuffed cabbage.

Stuffed Cabbage Haluski

The stuffed cabbage roll (also known as pigs in a blanket) is a dish consisting of a mixture of beef, rice, and seasonings, hand wrapped in cooked cabbage leaves, and topped with a tomato sauce. Many in the area still refer to the “hunky handgranades” by their ethinic names: Golabki (Poland), Holubky (Czech Republic and Slovakia), Golubtsy (Russia) Balandėliai (Lithuania) , Halubcy (Belarus), Holubtsi (Ukraine).

Polish myth holds the Grand Duke of Lithuania and King of Poland Casimir IV Jagiello fed their army stuffed cabbage before a key battle of the Thirteen Years’ War, victory stemming from the strength of the hearty meal.

No matter where you’re from, your Pittsburgh palate will be satisfied with this Conrad Catering staple. Now approaching our 60th anniversary serving the residents of Western Pennsylvania, we’ve made over 1.5 million homemade stuffed cabbages from our kitchen!

Potato Pancakes on the Griddle


Other favorites:

Fried Chicken – Amazing in combination with our stuffed cabbage, our fried chicken recipe is a closely guarded family secret. A savory blend of secret seasonings and our signature soft breading make it a must for any event.

Lithuanian Sausage – A secret family recipe handed down from prior generations, our Lithuanian sausage is made using ground pork, infused with a special blend of seasonings and fresh onions. Previously only available to family & friends around the holidays, we now offer this specialty dish to our customers year round. This one-of-a-kind taste will have your guests or clients coming back again and again.

These are just a few of the favorites that Conrad Catering offers. We haven’t even mentioned the kielbasa, haluski, pierogies, potato pancakes or our wide variety of specialty salads.

So for your next wedding, graduation, or corporate event, why not provide your guests with a truly distinct Pittsburgh taste? Call Conrad Catering and inquire about our ethnic favorites today!

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